Vischimica | Outsourcing Services
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Outsourcing Services

Business Development


Promotion of interests

Industrial product design

Project development – Private Label Products

From product design to sales development

Research & Development, R & D

Product and sales support

Subcontracting – Freelancing

Technical Data Sheet compilation – TDS, product leaflet, marketing brochure, users manual etc.)

Waste treatment plant operation and supervision 

Chemical and Biological Treatment

Start-up of unit

Technical support

Waste parameters chemical analysis

Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (E MEMP-E PRTR)

Measurements and determination of gaseous pollutant emissions

Environmental Reporting

Management of the Electronic Waste Register (HMA)

Maintenance and updating

Products Archive (Data Sheets, Monitoring of Regulations and Restrictions and updating)

Quality Assurance System

Chemical analysis – quality control of products and waste

Export consultation

Verification of compliance with the Regulations of the country of destination outside EEA