Vischimica | Chemical Consultation Services
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Chemical Consultation Services

REACH Services

Registration of Chemical Substances – Registration Dossier


Safety Data Sheets (SDS and extended SDS)


CLP services

Classification, Labeling, Packaging Studies

C&L Notification

Safety Data Sheets (SDS and extended SDS)

Registration and Notification of Chemical Products

Poison Center Notification

National Register of Chemical Products

UFI marking & European Poison Center (UFI / PCN)

Electronic Waste Register

Cosmetics – CPNP

Registration of Lubricants / Gear & differential oils

Business Licensing:



Medical technology products / Medical devices

Cosmetics (ISO 22716 and GMP Good Manufacturing Practice)

Businesses producing chemical and industrial products

Commercial products circulation licensing

Aerosols (spray)

Disinfectants (Regulation / Directive BPR and BPD)

Air Fresheners

Medical Technology Products / Medical devices

Cosmetics (Complete Product Dossier, CPNP Notification)

Lubricants / Valvolines

Novel Foods

Electronic Cigarette Products

Dietary Supplements


Tobacco Product Directive implementation

Classification, Labeling, Packaging studies

Safety Data Sheets (SDS and extended SDS)

Industrial Technical Consultation and Support

Chemical and industrial product (Technical characteristics – TDS, application / marketing brochure, etc.)

Industrial production

Waste treatment in compliance with the Legislation

ADR Classifications

Application of VOC Regulations

Outsourcing services

Security Officer Services